Creative ways to see things differently...

                                                                           "Work is love made visible"...Khalil Gibran

Love Made Visible...

Alicia O'Banion


Raw Vision Studios specializes in designing unique, one of a kind recycled art, lighting, jewelry, and home decor. Transforming discarded materials into inspiring works of art is my passion and a fun way to help ensure that our valuable resources don't go to waste.  Find your "happy maker" and enjoy the magic!

"This has been an amazing connection of love and remembering joy! 🧡 I am a fan for life. The only other time I have seen my daughter this calmly happy was the day we adopted her best friend... your art has brought us so much joy! Thank you!!"

Kim Kligbeil
(RVS's very first website customer)

Raw Vision Studios is extremely clever, unique and truly one of a kind! Wildflower is ever changing, intriguing, experimental and is a vast of knowledge in her creations. She is genuine, kind, thoughtful and not afraid to try new designs and/or materials. This, right here, is what YOU need to have in your life! My family and friends are always excited at Christmas, special occasions and sometimes just because moments, because they know their gift was hand made, with love. What more do you need? Shop here, share happiness.💗

Mandy Tancredo

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